Friday, December 16, 2011


This morning, Sasha woke up at 5:30. I think he has a cold, or at least is plugged up because of teething. Anyway, he was basically up, despite binkies, hugs, and (don't tell my dentist!) a bottle in bed. Fortunately for me, Spencer was with us last night, so Zane had to get up in time to take him to school. So, I got to sleep, er, stay in bed, until 7:45. Bliss!

I keep asking Sabrina what she wants to name the baby, hoping she'll come up with a good name that I can tell people about, and they'll say, "Oh, how cute!" Usually she just comes up with the name of another baby she knows, like Ross or Samuel. Today, though, she came up with "Jemonis." Sadly, though, this would be naming the baby after Sabrina's father, who died. According to her. She had a whole story about him being in the hospible, and "I can't believe it." It was cute, if a little morbid.

As you may know, my house got broken into yesterday. The criminals cleaned my house and left dinner. So, if that's you, can you come back? I made Christmas cookies last night.

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