Monday, July 25, 2011

Spencer's New School

Spencer did not do well the last half of 4th grade. But, because he comes from a stable home and is a good kid, the teachers, principal, and school didn't care that he basically failed almost every subject. Well, darn it, we care! All four of his parents care! Therefore, we have enrolled him at a charter school, Quest Academy, in Roy. Quite a few of the local kids go there, and it will go up to 9th grade starting next year, so he can stay there until high school.

Mari, Spencer's mom, and I went to visit the school. I'm really excited about a lot of things. It has certified teachers, a new building, two computer labs plus four mobile computer labs, and a bunch of other cool stuff. They are very focused on academics as well, with specific reading and math strategies to help both low and high kids. I feel good about it.

While Mari and I were there talking with the principal, though, she introduced us to one of the 5th grade teachers as "Spencer's two moms." I had to quickly jump in to say we were not gay, or polygamists, but mom and stepmom. Phew! Glad THAT got cleared up!

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