Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lake Powell

So. When last we left our intrepid travelers, they had braved the obstacles of flat tires and locked cars. Finally, they have arrived at their destination, just to board a boat and sail to a new destination.

We found a nice little cove off a main-ish channel with two other boats in it. I confess, I was a little worried that one of them would be a PARTY BOAT with loud music, drunken laughter, and jumping into the water late into the night. I like to sleep at night. Apparently, though, the other boats liked to sleep at night too, because the next morning BOTH boats came over to talk to us. One asked how long we would be there (a week), and one artlessly asked if we didn't want a beach for all our kids. No. Both other boats left by the next day, one pulling out by lunchtime that day.

The funny thing is, we were actually pretty quiet all night long. I mean, yes, with sixteen kids there were some wakeups in the night, but not many. I think the real problem was the early morning. We were quiet until 7:00 am, and not too bad until probably 7:30, but then, yes, we were awake. But geez, the sun is up! How can you sleep until 9:00 (really, nine?) at Lake Powell? Well, you can't sleep until 9:00 at Lake Powell if the boat next to you has sixteen kids, I guess. Well, we drove them away to another place, hopefully one where they could sleep to their heart's content.

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Crawford Crew said...

Sounds delightful :D I so wish I could have been there! Then we would've had 17! mmmhahahaha (best typing of an evil laugh I could come up with lol)