Friday, August 28, 2009

Lake Powell 2

To recap: We have driven away two houseboats, and now have the cove to ourselves. Sweet! Over the next two days numerous houseboat-mooring scouts come by, but we do not get neighbors until Thursday. The total number of people we scare off: 6.

Because Vienna had a soccer tournament, she and Marilyn do not come down until Monday. Zane and Zane go to get them. As they come back on the boat, Zane (my Zane) yells, "What do you have on the floor of the closet?" I yell, "What closet?" because we have several in our house. Apparently under the assumption that a repetition will provide a different answer, Zane says, "What do you have on the floor of the closet?" The scenario repeats. Finally, I say, "In our room I had some clothes for Alaska." Well, Marilyn brings the happy news that a pipe in our backyard has burst and flooded our basement and bedroom. And closet. Not good. Fortunately, a neighbor noticed it and called Zane's office, who called Zane's brother who was still in town, who turned off the water and pulled up our carpet and put out fans and rescued various personal items and whose wife did ALL the laundry that was on the floor. I love you Lance and Breklyn!

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