Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August in Review

I know I haven't blogged for most of August, but I have a good excuse. Well, excuses.
1. Getting ready for two trips on consecutive weeks.
2. Going to Lake Powell with the Froerers.
3. Going to Alaska with the Buyses 15 hours after getting home from Lake Powell.
4. Cleaning up after two trips and one flood.
5. Being tired from aforementioned activities.
6. Starting school (I'm substituting for a teacher on maternity leave for three weeks) one day after returning from Alaska.

See? Not much time for blogging. I will, however, reward your patience by beginning What You Missed.

Lake Powell, that land of sun and...water. The Imprinted Canyons. We drove down with Zane Sr., the better to not pay for gas. Yes! We also caravaned with The Babcocks and the Greens (Liz and Victoria, et. al.). Upon arrival in Spanish Fork for breakfast, we discovered a flat tire on the Green's boat trailer, and Zane Sr. locked his keys in his car. No!

One hour later...

We are on the road again! Now, making it to our houseboat by 2:00, the drop dead time, is in jeopardy. We drive fast. We arrive at 1:45. Whew! Loading the boat goes according to plan. No one falls in the water and drowns (this is true all week), and there are very few tears. Not even from the grownups. By 4:00, we are sailing away to find a good spot for our week-long adventure. Both engines work, to everyone's surprise, and they even usually shift. It's going to be a good week.

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