Saturday, August 3, 2013

Taxol #2

I was promised -- PROMISED -- that the second time I took Taxol I would likely not have a reaction. Well, I did. I am sorry. I feel I have disappointed my doctors and nurses. However, this reaction was not as bad. When I started the Taxol, the nurse sat with me for a moment, then needed to take care of another patient. Fine, I said. A few minutes later, I thought I started to feel the throat-tightening. I sat up rather abruptly. My nurse, who was very aware of me, asked me immediately if I was okay. "I think...I think it's happening again," I said, somewhat incoherently.

This reaction was headed off quickly and they didn't need to give me any more drugs, other than some Tylenol. Apparently, Tylenol helps. Then they stared the Taxol slowly, then got it up to the regular speed. I was very aware of any possible trouble breathing, but I got through the rest of it just fine.

Next time, my nurse told me they'll start off really slowly, then after about 10 minutes turn it up, then turn it up to full speed. Mom suggested that, since my reaction started at 5 minutes into the Taxol both times, that they just give me the whole does in 4 minutes. Great idea, Mom.

1/6 done with Taxol!

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suzanne kirkpatrick said...

Mas Besos y Abrazos from San Miguel de Allende. Thinking of you all the time!l