Friday, August 23, 2013

Cancer update

Yesterday I was casually getting ready to go to bed while mourning the loss of my eyebrows and eyelashes. They are still falling out. In fact, I have about four eyebrow hairs left. Fortunately, one can draw on one's eyebrows. Eyelashes, not so much. I have some really great eyeshadow that has a lot of depth, and combine that with my wig's bangs, and it's not so noticeable. I guess. The few hairs on my head that are still hanging on have also been falling out. HOWEVER. I noticed something where my hair has already fallen out. My hair is growing back in!!!!!! Yes!!! I might have cried as I examined my hair fuzz with the intensity of a pubescent boy finding a chin hair.

When I was pregnant, I sort of forgot that the whole point of being pregnant was not to be pregnant, but to have a baby. When Sabrina was born, I forgot the point of feeding her during the night was so she'd grow big enough to sleep through the night. And I sort of forgot that the point of chemo is to be healthy and normal again. I WILL have hair again. I WILL have eyebrows, eyelashes, and (ahem) breasts again (these may own their existence to art rather than nature, but still). I felt the first bit of a step toward normality with the existence of hair fuzz. Still, I have 8 more Taxol treatments, 6 weeks of radiation, and Herceptin until July 2014 still to go. But yesterday, for a moment, I felt hope.

Of course, I'm going to have to start waxing my arms again soon. Crap.

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