Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Job

Since being diagnosed with cancer, I have had so much good in my life! It's almost like the karma scales want to balance out. Last week, I applied and interviewed for the job at the only junior high school within 25 minutes of my house. In fact, it's about four minutes from my house. I really, really wanted this job. I could wake the kids up, do Sabrina's hair, and make breakfast for children who think cold cereal is the One True Breakfast. Once I made them German pancake, which they ate, upon which they asked for cereal. Sigh. Anyway, they told me they'd be done interviewing on Friday and get back to me on Monday.

Friday. I wait by the phone (actually, with cell phones, it's more like the phone waits by me). I know they said Monday, but they also said the interviewing was over Friday. Why wait? Hire me immediately! The phone rings! It's...another school, 28 minutes away, offering me a job! I put them off until after the weekend. They're a great second choice.

Weekend. Waiting.

Monday! I wait, the phone tethered to me. Ring! Ring, curse you! rings! It's Snowcrest! They want to tell wait until tomorrow for a final decision. They have to wait for word from the district. It is speculated by various interested parties that they need to place teachers who have taken a leave of absence.

Tuesday. I wait. And wait. And wait. At 3:15 I get called to my principal's office, who tells me the principal of Snowcrest has called her and she has given me a stellar reference! And I wait some more. And wait. And at 5 pm I call the school. No answer, of course.

Wednesday. Day three of waiting. Food supplies and morale are low. The phone rings several times, mostly from the hospital confirming my various appointments. Dad calls. That was nice. Mom calls. Nice nice nice. Where is Snowcrest? School ends at 1:15. At 1:20 an aide comes into my room. "Have you heard anything?" she asks. No, I reply. The phone rings. Is this it? It is! Do I want to be a Skyhawk? Why yes, yes I do! Hooray! I spend the next 90 minutes on the phone with anyone who will listen to me. Oh, and praying prayers of thanksgiving. How blessed I am! Good thing, too, because I start chemo tomorrow and need good things to think about. This will do!


Unknown said...

Love your posts, but this one most of all!

Anonymous said...

We are all rejoicing! And we are thinking of you especially today.

Emily and fam