Friday, April 5, 2013

Treatment Plan

I realized I did a whole post about the day, but neglected the treatment plan! And, of course, everyone wants to know!

1. Mastectomy in a week or so. Family pictures previous to this, so I can remember me.

2. 4-6 weeks after surgery, 4 cycles of yucky chemo, every other week.

3. 12 weeks of not-so-yucky chemo, weekly.

4a. Six-ish weeks of radiation, daily, after step 3 and concurrent with step 4b.
4b. Continue not-yucky, hair-growing, no-vomiting chemo for a year, every three weeks.

5. Be cancer free. Burn the ashes and stomp on them gleefully. I'm not sure what this means, exactly, but you get the general idea.

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Kristina said...

Oh Molly,

My prayers are with you. I thought it was a little bothersome when I got an MRI of my brain a couple weeks ago to rule out a benign tumor, which I ended up not having, after all.

It sounds like you have a good prognosis, though. Just lots of tests, drugs, resting and more tests for the next six months of your life. Best wishes on your journey! I hope it is one that includes lots of help for you and your family from those around you. :) Kristina Lewis Green (from Wasatch JHS and Sophomore year at Skyline)