Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Primary Program

Sabrina's first Primary program was the last Sunday in October. A few observations for your pleasure.

1. My daughter is the cutest child in the world. Hers was the first part of the Sunbeams. She said, "Jesus once was a wittow chiowd," with perfect poise. The next little girl said, with perfect diction, "A little child like me." Well, so what? Wittow chiowd is adorable!

2. When you have 11 o'clock church and Sacrament Meeting last, you should have treats for the kids before the program. Sabrina was perfect the first hour of church (practice), a little distracted by the second hour (practice), a full-on done by the third hour (performance). It's sad, because in the practice session she really knew the songs and actions, but she was Just. Done. Sugar would have gone a long way to making her more attentive.

3. 11 is way too old to do a program with 3-year-olds. That is all.

4. I'm going to love Primary programs for the next 11 years. Then they will get boring again unless I'm in the Primary or have grandchildren in Primary. That had better not happen for at least another 25 years or so (they have to be at least 3 to be in Primary, after all). I'd better enjoy it while I can!

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