Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Broken Bone: It wasn't Raiden

Yesterday, the first day of summer vacation, Sabrina and Sasha were happily playing on Sasha's bunk bed. They opened the window. Sasha leaned against the screen. Sasha fell out the window, into the window well. It was actually pretty hilarious, except that he broke his arm.

Now, he didn't have any nasty stuff like a bone sticking through his skin or anything. No, it was just a little buckle fracture, probably caused by trying to catch himself, which means he doesn't have a cast. The doctor at the clinic just put a splint on the arm, told us not to take it off for four weeks except for bathing, and seeya for an x-ray in two weeks.

Sasha actually thinks the splint is pretty cool, and is excited to show it off. He can't really open a door or get dressed, but hey, he's only 4. He can still eat and play on my phone just fine, so he's good. He's not in much pain either. So, it looks like if one of my kids HAS to have a broken arm, this is a very nice one.

The only surprising thing that both my mom and Zane mentioned was that our first broken bone wasn't Raiden's. I see their point.

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