Saturday, March 28, 2015


I know it's been a long time since I've updated my blog, but I do keep THINKING about my blog. About what I should say, cute things the kids do. Then I forget what they do and what I should write about. What a loss!

Anyway, there aren't any really big things to talk about. This morning, Raiden was OOOOO-ooooing. Then he said, "Mom, I sing 'Radioactive.'" Ha! Then Sasha got in on it, then Sabrina. (Btw, "Radioactive" is a song. If you listen to it, you'll understand the OOOOOO-ooooo part. Also, Raiden's favorite word is "no." 'Cause he's 2.

Sasha can read. It's crazy. His preschool teacher told me he was brilliant. Oh thanks, I said. No really. He can read. Oh sure. Well, he sure can! He can sound out words, and not just "cat." He sounded out "grassland" the other day. I think we'll put him in a kindergarten prep class, and then he'll go to kindergarten the next year. He definitely needs the extra year to grow up a little, but he'll also be the smart kid.

Sasha is also playing indoor soccer. He's a little ADD, so sometimes he spends time making sure the walls go all the way around the indoor field. They do. Today he must have been worried that the walls would fall down since he spent the last 10 minutes holding them up. Still, he's the youngest person on the field and today he dribbled and even did a little trick. So. There's that. Also, he's adorable.

Sabrina is doing great in school and was so excited to start reading chapter books. She's not very fast yet, but she's getting very confident in her reading. I can't believe she's seven weeks away from being done with first grade! Little T-bone. It's hilarious to hear her explain things like capitalization or have her ask, "What do you call a fish with no eyes? Fsh!" I've hear that about ten times in the last week.

Mom and I gave a talk at USU last Monday. It was largely populated with frat boys and their sorority girlfriends, so they were extremely polite but also not super into giving up their Monday night to a cancer talk. Oh well. It was fun anyway, and I got candy from the Bluebird and a USU mug. Score!

I'll try to keep you updated!


Kathleen Bagley said...

I hear your hair is adorable and I want pictures!!

JuliaAnne Toniolli said...

I knew my momma would be the commenter on this! She's a wonder as are you, momo!