Friday, January 2, 2015

Six-Word Biographies

Over Christmas, Mom wrote six-word biographies for each person in the family. Here they are, preserved for posterity.

Raiden: Run, jump, roar, careen, spill. Repeat.
Zane says the only problem with this characterization is that there are spaces between the words.

Sasha: Don't want to snuggle! Make me.
Sashimi is a sweet, loving boy who also throws some pretty good 4-year-old tantrums. But when those tantrums are winding down, he needs very little urging to snuggle for a long time.

Sabrina: I love everybody. Everybody loves me.

Spencer: Oldest of 4. Twice. Great expectations.
Can you believe Spencer, an only child until he was 7, now has five brothers and a sister? Maybe instead of "Great expectations" it should be "Great responsibilities."

Molly: Except in soccer, comports herself well.
This statement comes from when I had to get a c-section with Sasha. The anesthesiologist told me I "comported myself well" in the process. I would argue, however, that "comporting oneself well" in soccer involves a certain amount of...aggression.

Zane: Oldest of eight. Lawyer. Debate, anyone?
Really, what more is there to say?

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