Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sasha is Hilarious

I love toddlers. When they're not throwing tantrums, they are dang cute. Sasha is really becoming a preschooler now, but that's almost even cuter. Here are a few of Sasha's cuter moments.

-He never walks anywhere. He runs. And when he runs, he has to make sound effects. Wshshshshooooo. Phcuuu pcuu.

-Superheroes are his favorite right now. "Mom, I am Flash. I am weally fast. Watch!" And then he takes off. With sound effects.

-Then there are ninjas. "Mom, I am the wed (red) ninja. I kill badguys."

-At Arches, we took a quick hike to Double Arch. Sasha (being a Froerer male) is not into shoes. Despite my suggestions, he insisted on going barefoot on the way back. About halfway to the car, he said, "I want to go home because this sand is freaking hot!" That "freaking hot" was most emphatically not done to be cute, it was done to make a point!

-He and Raiden are constantly play fighting. They punch and kick each other, mostly carefully but energetically. With sound effects.

I love little boys.

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