Thursday, July 12, 2012

Random Catch up

I know it's been awhile since I've posted last. There are two reasons for this. 1) I have a new baby, which probably should actually make me post more, and 2) I've been depressed sad. I guess "depressed" is a loaded term in our family! I don't think I diagnosable, just feeling like I have a mountain to climb. It turns out our car was totaled, because it's all aluminum. Why does that matter? I'm so glad you asked! Turns out, you have to have a whole different, specially-designated set of tools for all-aluminum cars. So, instead of $45/hour for repairing the little car, it was $125/hr. Well, that took the car from being repairable to being, well, not.

So, Zane went car shopping. I tried to abdicate responsibility completely, but he forced me to voice my opinion, which was mostly "that sounds fine," or "that's maybe more than we wanted to spend." He ended up with a Mini (precious!) with only about 90,000 miles, which is considerably less than our poor totaled Insight. However, the day (THE DAY) we got it, the power steering went out. $1,000. See why I've been depressed sad?

Add that money issue to this one: Zane has too many clients who think they have a right to free legal care. Newsflash: that only applies to criminal cases, and then guess what? The attorney STILL GETS PAID. By taxpayers. The attorney DOES NOT WORK FOR FREE!!!!! Stupid non-payers of their legal bills. It's stressful to own your own business.

In happier news, Raiden is still being called Jemonis by his big brother and sister. He's sleeping better, or maybe I just can't find the baby monitor. Whichever. He only woke up once the last two nights, which does not suck, and might be why I feel like I have the energy to blog this morning!

Sabrina and Sasha are gradually getting used to having a baby. They've always been perfect with Raiden, but Sasha has bled a couple of times from Sabrina's fingernails, and Sabrina's done her share of crying about being hit. I think they're getting better.

The final happy news (for now) is that my sister-in-law Karen is here! She lives in Iowa, where Austin goes to medical school, which is too far away for regular visits. My kids are loving playing with her five kids, and I'm loving talking with her and watching her do fancy gymnastics tricks. By the way, have you ever been up close and personal when a real gymnast is doing tricks? Whoa. They are real athletes, which you don't realize as much when you see them wearing sparkles and hugging each other after a routine. Between the sparkles and the hugs? Some serious strength and athleticism going on there.

So, that's most of the last month. Upcoming: The vacation to Washington!

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